Yevhenii Mudrahel

Web Software Developer


REST API Development

Build a custom CRM System

WordPress Development

Create Lending Page

SEO optimization and promotion

WEB parsing / scraping

Chat bots & robots development

SSL Installation

Change Web Hosting Provider

Malware / Virus Scanning & Cleaning

About me

I'm a Full Stack Web Developer, with more than 6-year experience in programming and 4 years in Web Development. I'm passionate about learning and building new things. Now I'm working in the Semalt company it's one of the most powerful company that provides SEO promotion for websites. I have a solution-oriented attitude with attention to detail.

Some of my experience:

  • Languages: Golang, PHP, Javascript;
  • Back-end frameworks: Laravel, Phalcon. Node.js;
  • Front-end frameworks: VueJS, Vuetify, Bootstrap, jQuery;
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL;
  • OS: Ubuntu, CentOS, MAC, Windows;
  • Version Control: Git (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab);
  • CMS: WordPress;
  • SEO: Website Analyse, Pagespeed optimization, Website optimization for SEO promotion;

I like to help people fix bugs on websites, do website optimization for SEO promotion and develop new projects.

I already did a lot of different interesting projects and have extensive knowledge of new technologies and programming languages. Usually, I create projects using PHP with the Laravel framework on backend and Vuejs (with Nuxt if SSR is important), Vuetify (HTML5, CSS3) for frontend. Sometimes when I have big data I can use Golang and Elasticsearch as a search engine. Of course if it just a simple website for a company or person I develop it with a Wordpress. Also, I have experience in managing servers in Linux. I rent a server and developing own projects there.

You can contact me at any time and I'll try to reply to you ASAP.